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H e l p i n g   o t h e r s

Carolyn Pankalla Ministries is an international non-profit organization dedicated to:

1.  Providing global aid to children and families in other countries
2.  Sharing the Word of God through teaching and example
3.  Ministering to others through music, wisdom and love

This year Carolyn is focused on providing much needed aid to children in Zambia, Africa, delivering food and constructing a rescue crisis center.  To raise the necessary funding for this project, she has launched her new eBoutique.  “We call this Shopping with a Purpose,” she says.  “All of the proceeds will support the ministry and the Zambia project.”

Carolyn is an established author of eight children's books.  She also is a singer and has performed live in front of millions of people since she was six years old. She has recently released her new CD “Broken Into Beautiful”, and is the host of a television show for women, covering relevant topics affecting women today.

"We have a choice, whether in front of thousands of people or the person next door, to reach out and touch a hurting person." 


Countries Served
Carolyn Pankalla has been responsible for providing humanitarian aid and relief to the following countries:  
Calcutta, India working with Mother Theresa
Chernobyl, Russia
Lusaka Zambia 

Ministry Accomplishments
  • Distributed over 100,000 Bibles to underground churches in Vietnam & Miramar
  • Provided over $30 million in medical supplies to over 40 third world countries over the last 8 years
  • Built a Crisis Care Center for homeless and at-risk children in Lusaka Zambia
  • Built orphanages in Haiti in partnership with other ministries
  • Witnessed thousands of people come to know Christ through her concerts and mission efforts
  • Performed at the White House twice and to Mother Theresa and Pope John Paul II
  • Appeared on the following TV/Radio programs multiple times: 700 club, TBN, Life Today with James & Betty Robinson, LeSea, Morris Cerullo, Moody Radio, PTL, Jonnie & Marcus Lamb Show, and Day Star
  • Performed and shared the Gospel in coliseums with crowds of more than 20,000 people over the last 20 years


G a v e   h e r   s t r  e n g t h   &   p u r p o s e

At the age of 19, Carolyn's father Jack was homeless. A kind gentleman ministered him.  He turned his life around and met his wife Martha.  Together they had seven children.  Carolyn was the baby of the family. They started a music ministry, Goad Ministries, and traveled the world singing and encouraging others to embrace Christ.

When Carolyn was six years old, her family was on their way home from a performance when they were in a car accident.  Their mom was thrown from the car and killed.  Carolyn sustained brain injuries and was not expected to live.  Her stood vigil by her bedside and prayed to God to heal her.  "I'm living proof that He can perform miracles," says Carolyn.

Seven years later, her father was killed in an explosion at his home.  Rather than retreat in sorrow, these tragedies strengthened the Goad family and they formed Goad International, and organization dedicated to helping others worldwide.

Recently, Carolyn also lost her brother, Rick Goad, to pancreatic cancer.  While the family continues their music ministry, Carolyn has embarked on her own solo career with the debut of her new album "Broken into Beautiful".   


P e r f o r m i n g   s i n c e   s h e   w a s   s i x

Carolyn Pankalla is no stranger to the music industry. The ministry that was started by Carolyn’s parents matured through their children. Goad International Ministries and Carolyn Pankalla Ministries have reached nations of people with music and charitable giving for over 25 years.  Now Carolyn has embarked on her own solo career with the release of her debut album "Broken Into Beautiful". The title track of this album is Carolyn's testimony and speaks to her great desire to bring hope to all those in need.   


Carolyn Has Performed For
M i l l i o n s   i n c l u d i n g :

Pope John Paul II     Mother Theresa     

Ronald Reagan   George HW Bush 


Schedule Her For Your Next Event
I n s p i r i n g   t e s t i m o n y   a n d   s i n g i n g
Carolyn can perform for your next event.  She can share her testimony and sing for your group.  She can also speak on topics relating to women and faith.  Please contact:

Carolyn Pankalla Ministries
Phone:  321-276-4373



  Carolyn's Family
D e s p e r a t e l y   s i n g l e   t o   b l e s s e d
As Carolyn grew into her independent twenties, she began to look outside of God to medicate her pain.  "I vividly remember telling God that I wanted control of my relationships," she says. "Four years later, I was in the most pain of my life." Heartbroken and abandoned, struggling with self-esteem, rejection and loneliness, Carolyn fully surrendered her life to Christ. Those painful experiences prepared Carolyn's heart to minister to single and married women, vowing to serve God and live fully in her singleness. "Waiting is an action word. I got healed and got busy for God, and went out to help hurting people," she says.

After a period of intentional singleness, Carolyn met Sean Pankalla. " I am living proof that prayer works - the Lord brought me everything I could ever ask for in a man," says Carolyn.
Carolyn and Sean have been married for ten years and are the proud parents of their seven year-old son, Preston, four-year-old daughter, Olivia Isabella, and their new addition Alexis Faith!



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