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Broken Into Beautiful

God uses broken vessels, and it's out of such real-life traumatic experiences that Carolyn's most recent album "Broken Into Beautiful" was born. It marks the beginning of her solo career and is a personal testimony of her own incredible faith journey which is filled with great sorrow and joy.  

Produced by icon producer Jim Cooper (Building 429, Petra, Decypher Down), "Broken Into Beautiful" is a record full of deep, radio-friendly songs of the human experience that nourish the soul.

In the middle of recording the album, her brother and best friend, Rick, died at age 42 after a year-long battle with pancreatic cancer. Again, The Goads faced great loss. "Praise the Lord," a song on Broken Into Beautiful, has become Carolyn's battle cry. "I know pain, but I also know the realness of God," Carolyn says. 

"God is real. God is alive. God is faithful. He'll meet you at the point of your need if you'll release it to him. No matter what you're going through, Christ is bigger," she says.
Carolyn's New Album:
Broken Into Beautiful
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